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Barcelona is one of the first smart cities in Europe, where a large number of technology companies are establishing themselves. It also has a vibrant ecosystem of startups.

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the Future 2022/23 – FDI Strategy

Barcelona, the greatest city in the world in the ranking of “The Telegraph”

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28/04/2022 – 21.10 Actualitzat 29/04/2022 – 20.13

It leads the travel ranking prepared by the British newspaper, which highlights gastronomy, culture, outdoor activities and transport.

Barcelona is the best city in the world according to the English newspaper “The Telegraph”. This is the result of a study among experts in the travel sector and a survey among readers.
The Catalan capital has achieved 588 of the 810 possible points, 32 more than Sydney, which occupies the second position. Gastronomy, culture, outdoor activities and transport get the best marks.

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